Our Association

The Five Island Lake Estates (F.I.L.E.H.A) Homeowners’ Association was formed with the aim of building an even better community for all our residents, to improve our facilities and organize events throughout the year. By bringing everyone together and joining in at group events we are able to make this community a truly special place to live.

From Easter egg hunts, spring clean-up and BBQs, summer street party socials, haunted Halloweens to Christmas cheer events there is always something going on within the community that has been organized by the Homeowner’s Association. But it’s not just all about us either, as a community we like to focus on those that are perhaps not as fortunate as ourselves, helping to give back a little. That’s why during some of our most popular events we like to ask our residents to help contribute towards local Food Banks and charities – we never cease to be amazed at how generous everyone is!

The Homeowners’ Association is run by an elected executive board committee of residents, many who have been on the board for a number of years and are still more than happy to continue. Membership is open to all FILE residents and is a perfect way to be even more involved in everything we do as a community. In fact we are always looking for new members to join, it’s only with continued support  and help that we can continue to do everything we hope to do, not to mention the fact that with each new member comes new ideas and thoughts – something we are always looking to embrace.

To become a member or learn more about the benefits of becoming one visit our membership page.

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