Our Area

Five Island Lake Estates is a tranquil community-focussed subdivision set beside a mile long lake, with beautiful scenery, natural wooded areas and a true feeling of family. Anyone living here or visiting is only too aware of what a wonderful place Five Island Lake Estates is to live.

From singles to couples, families to pensioners everyone in the community knows how to enjoy the area for what is has to offer. Houses are large and private, many overlooking the secluded Lakeland, but with several community access locations around the sub-division and a local community parkland with lakeside access too no-one is ever that far away from its tranquil waters. Five Bridges Junior High school is within walking distance and a walking trail links our community to the Rails to Trails system.

Our Parkland set in the heart of the community, made possible by the Homeowners’ Association, with its protected Marshland area, covered picnic benches, seatings areas, climbing frame and wooden boardwalk with floating dock ads to the heart of the area, providing a perfect place for everyone to meet, enjoy community events and spend some private time.

During the warm spring and summer months we enjoy canoeing, kayaking, water skiing and boat riding on the lake, biking and hiking the local trails, meeting up with friends and neighbours for a grill; or simply watching the children as they laugh and play.

Even when the weather gets cold, that doesn’t stop the residents from making the most of where they live, with skating and cross-country skiing to be had there is no excuse for staying indoors.

If that wasn’t enough there are many neighbourhood-run groups and community events, including our own Homeowners’ Association organized events, that bring everyone together at all different times of the year – making this a very special place to live.

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