Past Events

Looking back over some of the past community events. To reveal more about each event simply click on the subject title.

[sg_popup id=”14″ event=”click”]Easter in the Park – 2019[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”13″ event=”click”]September Street Party 2018[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”12″ event=”click”]Easter in the Park 2018[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”11″ event=”click”]September Street Party – 2017[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”click”]Easter in the park – Apr 2017[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”7″ event=”click”]Love your neighbourhood – Feb 2017[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”6″ event=”click”]Christmas cheer & Food Bank event – Dec 2016[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”3″ event=”click”]Art competition – Feb 2017[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”4″ event=”click”]September social – Sept 2016[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”5″ event=”click”]Christmas skate – Nov 2016[/sg_popup]

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